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POTENZIA is a mark of Spanish origin below which parts and accessories in the automotive sector are distributed. With extensive experience in the world of vehicle we have several years of experience in the distribution of our products and the care we provide to our customers.

Currently we cover a wide range of products, we work with the component parts of the engine the electrical system, the recirculation system exhaust gases, starter and ignition, cooling system, brakes and parts of the comfort system.

In recent years we have made ​​significant investments aimed at technological advances to satisfy the demands of the current market and new production processes, we have also made ​​significant improvements in process quality control.




Más de 2.000 referencias que cubren una gama de más de 10.000 vehículos. Nuestro catálogo cubre las aplicaciones de: turismos, vehículos agrícolas, vehículo de carga pesada, e industriales.


motor de arranque


Más de 1.400 referencias que cubren una gama de más de 15.000 vehículos.
Nuestro programa cubre las aplicaciones de: vehículos de turismos, todo terreno, agrícolas, vehículo de carga pesada, e industriales.

sensores electricos


Nuestro catálogo incluye mas de 2.500 referencias de sensores con aplicación para cerca de 15000 vehículos, europeos y asíaticos.

valvulas EGR


Válvulas de recirculación de gases de escape para prácticamente la totalidad del parque de vehículos, desde las más simples neumáticas de membrana hasta las más complejas electrónicas, con un total de unas 500 referencias útiles para más de 7.000 vehículos.




In the market for aftermarket quality is a vital factor and decisive parameter requirements are high, the adjustment factors and function must be as good as the specifications that make the original equipment. This question not only affects vehicle efficiency and lifetime, but also the safety of the passengers.

For inclusion of new product groups and continuity we market some years we establish rigorous quality control and performance evaluations.

We work daily for formalizing new strategic alliances around the world to offer our customers the best quality and the highest number of offers with the most competitive price possible, we maintain the same standards for all products in our portfolio of leading brands in the industry.

We have an ongoing commitment to improving the products we distribute.



In our beginnings we focused primarily on the commercialization of parts belonging to the electrical system of the engine and exhaust gas recirculation system. We can mention generally flowmeters or mass air sensors, EGR valves and throttle bodies.

We have extended our catalog including several references to component parts of the ignition system and starter, here alternators, starter motors and batteries.

Because of increasing our market presence and extensive demand for our products, we are moving into the marketing of other components in the automotive world; now extended our range of products for water radiators or motor radiator, water pumps in distribution, window lift and new prodcuts related whit sistem brakes, brake pads and brake discs.

Now work in the incursion of air suspension system and its components.

We work every day in search of new products for commercialization and distribution market attractive and competitively priced parts.We work daily in search of new products for commercialization and distribution market attractive and competitively priced parts.


At present our main market is in Spain, we are in the middle of an expansion directed principally America, have made exports to the United States, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, among others.

Priority as we seek to consolidate our position in the local market, strengthening our products and expanding our customer base.


Presently web presence is a vital factor to expand the boundaries of our market. We facilitate our contact with future distributors and customers, are available to anyone who requires our assistance.

Our products are mainly marketed through internet, through websites specializing in the automotive industry, our dealers have their corresponding catalogs and price.


In our company we work daily to provide quality service and deliver the best service to our customers. We have a team of professionals ready to resolve any concerns.

We do everything possible to minimize waiting times for product warranty and facilitate transactions for possible return.

We offer the security of dealing with professionals.


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